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About Trail Tough Hiking Sticks

Some 10 years ago, a friend of mine bought 40 acres of hardwood forest deep in the woods of northwestern Wisconsin. Together, we set out to build on that land a network of hiking trails and campsites. As we began to make our way through the woods, we noticed how dense it was. We needed something to help us get through the undergrowth and mark the trail.

That’s when the first Trail Buster was created. Marking the woodland trails became a much easier task with the Trail Buster helping us bust through brush and small branches. In carving those trails, we discovered Ash saplings and small trees that were very strong and made great hiking sticks. After hand-scraping and staining, we customized those sticks to create the Trail Tough Hiking Stick.  Although anyone can go for a walk, pick up a branch and call it a hiking stick, the Trail Tough Hiking Stick is just the right size and strength.


What if you found a stick personalized just for you that you wanted to use over and over on every hike you took? That’s our mission at Trail Tough Hiking Sticks. We use these real, super strong sticks and turn them into a unique handmade hiking stick you can depend on. AND they look super cool!!


After you have used a Trail Tough Hiking Stick, we are confident that you will feel the same as we do. Pick one out from the pre-made stick gallery or have one custom-made for you or a friend and go hiking!


Makes a great gift!

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