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The Hiking Stick Process

Trail Tough Hiking Sticks are selected from the woods of northwestern Wisconsin and go through a 5-step process before they are ready for our customers.

Stage 1-3.jpg


Each Trail Tough hiking stick is hand selected for its size, shape, and feel. Only the sticks that meet our specifications are selected. We do not clear large areas of a forest to mass produce these sticks, rather, we take only what we need as we cut new hiking trails through the woods. We want to leave the forest as beautiful as possible and allow for growth of future hiking sticks.

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After selections are made, the bark is removed by hand in the Trail Tough workshop (garage). The hiking sticks are allowed to dry for three days as the wood hardens. After the third day, each Trail Tough hiking stick is hand-sanded until the desired look and feel is achieved. After sanding is complete, the hiking sticks dry for another three days before moving on to the Stain and Varnishing departments.

stain 1.jpg


Each stick is then hung from the ceiling in preparation for the staining and varnishing. The staining is done over two days as each stick is stained, then wiped down and stained again until the specific color is achieved. Like a snowflake, no two Trail Tough hiking sticks are alike. The hiking sticks dry for one day and then get four coats of varnishing for that super sharp look.

design 2.jpg


The Trail Tough hiking sticks are then separated into two groups: Pre-made Gallery hiking sticks and Custom/Themed hiking sticks. 


The Pre-made Trail Tough hiking sticks are detailed to give customers a wide variety of options. From short to tall, light to dark, feathers or beads, and other characteristics, customers will always be able to find a hiking stick that fits their needs in the Pre-made Trail Tough hiking stick Gallery.

The Custom/Themed hiking sticks are detailed based on the request of the customer via the order form. Whether your preference is leather or a paracord hand hold, survival mirror, feather or beads, or even a chosen theme based on a favorite sport or team, hobby, etc, each Trail Tough Custom/Themed hiking stick is sure to be unique!



Before a Trail Tough hiking stick is finished, it gets tested on a one mile hike through the woods of northwestern Wisconsin. We test each hiking stick for comfort, strength, and durability. We only want to sell hiking sticks that provide the hiker with a useful tool. You can be assured that your Trail Tough hiking stick is a strong and dependable hiking stick that will last you for years to come.

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