Pre-made Hiking Sticks

Hiking sticks give support when going uphill or can be used to help brake when going down hills. They aid in your balance, especially on uneven terrain. 

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The Alligator
The Badger
The Beaver
The Bison
The Blue Jay
The Colt
The Elk
The Falcon
The Gazelle
The Giraffe
The Goat
The Hawk
The Hummingbird
The Impala
The Koala Bear
The Meerkat
The Mongoose
The Monkey
The Moose
The Mosquito
The Muskie
The Oriole
The Otter
The Panther
The Prairie Dog
The Raccoon
The Raven
The Sea Bass (Mutated)
The Shark (with Laser)
The Sparrow
The Wildebeest
The Zebra
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